Packing Up and Packing It All In…

The Ying and Yang of living in NYC and LA.

Land in New York and immediately commence moving and grooving.

In LA we land, walk to town, enjoy a healthy breakfast outdoors and head home.

In NYC you are out for meals, walking in Central Park, window shopping on Madison, out to dinner at a new restaurant with friends, hitting up Broadway.

Saturday was strenuous and a perfect day to ingest some CBD.

The family headed to Connecticut to take on more work at the family homestead.

For several grueling hours we ran a relay moving 40 heavy boxes filled with memorabilia, clothes, paintings, family photos, dinnerware and wedding gifts from the attic down the narrow steps to the second floor landing, then down the stairs to the dining room.

Collectively, we can all attest to being very sore.

Honestly, we never could have possibly completed the heinous, laborious task without the invaluable help of our fit and efficient daughter.

Afterwards, we attempted to find much needed takeaway sustenance since the doggies accompanied us, but Greenwich is too boujee for adequate fast food beyond McDonald’s and Wendy’s.

We headed back to the city and had a delightful, well earned dinner along with an adult beverage at Cafe Luxembourg.

Sunday, once we regained our sea legs, we headed off to Broadway to see Hillary and Clinton, starring Laurie Metcalf and John Lithgow.


It is a terrific play and in a rapid fire paced 90-minutes, the audience was enthralled.

Metcalf is brilliant as the cool and composed Hillary sharing the stage with Lithgow as the sinful yet loquacious Bill who far from perfect, is the Clinton that the people embrace.

It’s 2008 and the play is set in this purported alternate universe.

Hillary knows she will NEVER win…ever.

Bill’s flaws will always haunt her, whether she emotes or shows weakness.

The play is open, honest, real, reflecting the underbelly of politics and the unique marriage between the iconic couple.

And, the day concludes buying cleaning supplies at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

A truly sexy ending to a busy NYC weekend.

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