Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!…

An event that debuted in 1066 and in 2020 I have upheld the tradition of Town Crier.

At the drop of a hat I start bawling my eyes out.

Queen E.

I received notification that my mother’s final tax return had to be filed…I cried during the opening of the envelope.

I weep at the end of Nicolle Wallace’s Deadline: White House show Monday through Friday and I know what is coming.

I wake up at 3am tearful, apprehensive about the day.

Saturday, I sobbed during President Obama’s pumped up takedown of Agent Orange during the Detroit rally in support of Joe Biden…nostalgic for the great Obama/Biden days.

I am constantly crying and  exhausted from the lies, hatred, insults, snarling attitude, bragging, divisiveness, mean tweets and ineffectiveness from the obese blog squatting in the people’s House.

I rage for all the people harassed by police.

I shed tears for the children in cages and cry out against Hitler’s spawn and anti-immigration hardliner, Stephen Miller.

I bawl over that damn ASPCA commercial.

I sob when the ever increasing running tally of Covid deaths pops up on the television screen.

I well up from repetition, having to clean up the kitchen for the 5th time every frigging day.

My heart weeps from longing to hug my daughter.

Ms. Madison Avenue

I get misty every time I see a photo of my beloved, recently departed doggie, Madison.

I cry along with the 2/3s of Americans who are  experiencing Election Stress Disorder.

I wail during every NY Giants game.

You would think I would experience a tear duct drought.

When will I ever have the time to smile?

November 4th?!

Reclaim America so we can all stop crying.


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