Owning It…

If I were to evaluate my parenting skills I would give myself high marks.

I am a fabulous mom (she said modestly), but I do have a fantastic pupil.

My daughter is amazing.

There are a few nonnegotiable issues that I implemented into the parenting curriculum.

Be kind, never bully.

Be sports savvy…great icebreaker, levels the playing field at work amongst hound dog males and makes your mom beyond happy to have someone to watch sports with, go to games and shoot the shit with.

Sacrifice your body while exercising and playing team sports.

Thank you notes never go out of style.

Don’t text while driving or interacting face to face with other humans.

Shopping is an art form…perfect it.

Return accessories that you “borrow” from your mother.

Mandatory to let your mother know you are home safely once you move away from home.

Save money to buy your own home.

Interestingly, I just read that one thing single women have going for them over single men besides the ability to multitask, handle pain, cook, decorate, work and opt for peace over war, is that single women are more likely to own their own home.

Single women owned and occupied 10.76 million homes to single men’s 8.12 million as of 2021.

This is despite earning only about 83 cents for every dollar that men earn.

I always believed that paying rent is a necessary evil and financial unrewarding.

Yes, I am well aware that buying your own home is financially as well as emotionally a very challenging endeavor, especially in 2023 due to soaring interest rates.

I always hoped that if you have a well paying job a priority should be to squirrel away your paycheck with the end goal of purchasing your own home.

When we bought our first home the interest rate was 13%, but we were determined.

Owning property is a great investment in one’s future.

My daughter, now a satisfied homeowner, has incorporated every guideline into her life, except I have my doubts regarding the texting rules.

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  1. good advice and all true and wise

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