Over The Rainbow…

Time to hand over the keys and control.

My little corner of Florida commences demolition today.

Hoping at the end of the rainbow the beast turns into a beauty.

Friday, Goodwill took all the furniture.

Only the bed and TV remain appearing lost and lonely.

It was emotional bidding farewell to the last remnants of my parents life in their home away from home…Connecticut always being where the heart lingered.

I still remember Queen E’s excitement over her custom home trappings.

The bargain my parents struck was when my dad retired at the stroke of 65 my mom agreed to “visit” Florida for 5 months each year and my dad had to graciously and wholeheartedly commit to any and all expenditures!

She created her sunny pied-a-terre and he was able to have fun in his perceived piece of paradise.

Let the shredding begin.

As with plastic surgery we are hoping for a successful and natural transition to a more stunning appearance.

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  1. Wishing you the best!

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