Outstanding Omakase…

Omakase hits the upper west side.

Holy Spanish Mackerel, Sushi Kaito is the real thing.

This intimate, authentic restaurant transports you to Tokyo.

The sushi bar welcomes 12 diners for two to three seatings depending on the day.

The sought after seat at the sushi bar is denoted by a place card, indicating assigned seating.

Tea and water flow, but alcohol s not offered.

Your choices are a 12 ($75) or 16 ($100) course set menu.

You are expertly served by three experienced sushi chefs.

Ferianto was our personal sushi chef and he was fabulous.

Sushi Chef Feri

He was outgoing and welcomed all questions and conversation.

I went to town…it didn’t appear that any other diners conversed with their assigned chef.

I am so glad we did as we learned so much during the course of our delicious meal.

We became besties and I was allowed to hold his expensive, finely honed knife.

Feri started out explaining the two ginger offerings.

The traditional ginger that we are all offered at sushi bars appeared in a dish along with the more pungent, spicer ginger that is firmer and sliced in the style of a cucumber.

Feri explained which ginger went with which fish.

Feri preparing wasabi

He grated the wasabi root in front of us in a circular motion.

The root looked similar to a pine cone.

Much of the fish was from Japan and the flavors were outstanding.

Feri dressed each piece of sushi with one specific sauce…soy, citrus or ponzu.

The foliwing is a visual journey through our 12 courses:

Sea Eel

The meal concluded with a Toro hand roll and Red Miso soup.


The 12th and final offering was Tomago…not the typical moistened tomago, but a dry form which is similar to cake and just the touch of sweetness you desire to end your pleasurable meal.

If you are a sushi purist and not a novice sushi roll wuss, adding cream cheese, tempura and carrot rolls to your order, then hit up Sushi Kaito for a genuine Japanese omakase experience.

Sushi Kaito 244 72nd Street New York City. Open Tuesday through Sunday with seatings from 5:30PM to 9:45. Reservations are suggested and are available on OpenTable.com. There is a strict  cancellation policy.

*Photo: Sushi Kaito

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