I have received many email inquiries regarding the estate sale.

Yes, Success!

Today I head to Connecticut to donate the remaining items to a worthy charity, The Benefit Shop Foundation.

Last Saturday, I needed to be at the house by 4pm when the estate sale finally wrapped.

I sat in the car, awaiting the end.

It was very unnerving to see people exiting the house with bags full of our possessions.

Even more difficult was entering the house to see it stripped of its’ contents and the remainder strewn on the floor.

To be honest, initially I fell into a stupor and was not that responsive.

I needed to walk around and gather my thoughts and feelings.

There was a pit in my stomach as if I had been physically assaulted.

With David by my side, we closed up the house and had a silent drive back to the city.

After the liquidation party, we need liquid courage so we parked the car and headed for our local sushi bar and tossed back some sake.

We definitely needed to blur reality.

I am hoping that today is less difficult.

After the charity makes a clean sweep, Julio comes in on Monday and removes any remaining evidence of the Lubov family.

Tuesday, his wife does her domestic engineering duties.

Next, the painters arrive to make the house gleam.

Then we are ready to find righteous renters.

The end is near and in sports lingo, we are entering the final 2 minute drill.

The curtain will hopefully drop on 4 months of hard physical labor and emotional turmoil.


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  1. I’m excited for you and your family (including the house!) to finally be able to move forward into the next chapter. You did good 😌❤️✨

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