Only One Direction…


This past weekend I winged my way back to Los Angeles.

Our daughter, Courtny, met us with our beloved pup, Madison, at LAX and we strategized about where to have July 4th brunch…I am always starving after a plane trip. Is it exhilaration from landing safely?

Big food decision to be made as many towns were hosting 4th of July Day parades and festivities and it was very difficult to cut a swath through the city.

Going home was out of the question because roads were closed in the Palisades and purportedly people had camped out since Friday night for front row parade viewing.

Marina Del Rey was another no no as were the ever popular Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach.

I suggested West Hollywood and one of my favorite breakfast and lunch places, BLD (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner).

Harry Styles
Harry Styles

We arrived and secured a parking spot right in front of the restaurant. I was headed in one direction…towards an outdoor table for sustenance and there was one obstacle between me and brunch…Harry Styles, boy toy from the boy band, One Direction.

I thought about frantically screaming and charging towards him for an autograph which I was hoping would scare him off and I would then secure the next outdoor table, but I composed myself, gave my name to the hostess and waited my turn.

Harry, BTW, love the trending man-bun (so Jared Leto, Colin Farrell, Leonardo DiCaprio, Joakim Noah).

Fan Appreciation Day dispensed with, we all got down to the more important business of ordering brunch.

Ricotta Pancakes, BLD
Ricotta Pancakes, BLD

Although this is not a Tuesday, take heed my friends, as BLD has the best pancakes ever created.

I do not normally enjoy pancakes (exception being the chia seed/brown rice pancakes at Vida), but these ricotta blueberry stuffed circular gems are brilliant ($15).

Don’t forget the cutest log cabin container filled with scrumptious Berkshire maple syrup that accompanies the pancakes.

Eggs, BLD
Eggs As You Like Them, BLD

David ordered Eggs As You Like Them ($10). All egg dishes are top notch with a special shout out to the Fried Egg Sandwich with Nueske’s thick cut bacon, gruyère, aioli on toasted sourdough bread with a choice of potatoes ($15).

Fresh Vegetable Salad, BLD
Fresh Vegetable Salad, BLD

A surprise standout was the fresh vegetable salad, simple, but fabulous with edamame, fresh corn, jicama, haricots verts, avocado, toasted cashews, hemp seeds, daikon sprouts and complimented by a light ginger vinaigrette ($16).

I cannot wait to make this salad at home.

We dodged West Hollywood and reveled in the beauty of no traffic in this part of town.

We contemplated roaming the stores, but I am on a serious austerity kick and have placed myself on retail therapy waivers until the NY Giants kick off the 2015 season in September…small goals, one step at a time (just like the Giants probably without JPP due to firecracker antics).

As with Greece, I am going to withdraw from the Shopping Nation and change my currency to the Euro not spending any money anytime soon philosophy.

We aimed Courtny’s battered and bruised BMW towards Pacific Palisades. The day before a guy with other matters on his mind rather than obvious moving vehicles in the parking lot, badly messed up Courtny’s beautiful ride. At least she was unharmed.

We were stymied at the demarcation of Sunset and Chautauqua, but we somewhat illegally navigated through a barrier and took the back roads home, avoiding kids, adults, marching bands and fire trucks edging their way down the center of town.

Palisades Beach
Palisades Beach

David and I quickly unpacked and headed downhill to the beach, sweating the toxics from the airplane out of our systems and breathing in the fresh, salty ocean air.


Several hours later while hiking up Tesmescal Canyon Road towards home with visions of Harry Styles still dancing in my head, this was my Hairy uphill view…some Harry’s are better than others.

We pasted Pali High and the 4th of July festivities had already commenced.

We ended our first night back in Los Angeles with fireworks and champagne…perfect ending to an explosive return to La La Land.

BLD 7450 Beverly Blvd, West Hollywood. Open Sunday-Thursday 8am-10pm. Friday and Saturday 8am-11pm.


  1. I just love Harry. There is just something about him that is different.

  2. I am not going to lie. I am 47 and Harry is my crush.

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