Only In NY…

This is why I love NY.

Flew in yesterday.

We dumped our bags at home.

We literally had not eaten anything all day so we headed out to one of our favorite neighborhood haunts, Landmarc, in the Time Warner Center.

Made a beeline for the bar and were greeted by our two favorite bartenders.

I hadn’t had a drink in over one month and before I was seated they had a generous pour of a divine Bordeaux waiting for me.

As often happens we struck up a conversation with a woman sitting next to us.

She was enjoying a vodka martini after a long day at work.

She works in sports…you had me at hello.

We engaged for quite a while and then her sister, accompanied by her three teenage daughters, arrived.

The lovelies moved on after she gifted me with a fabulous Super Bowl 50 jacket…unbelievable.

Weary from being up since 1am PT, we asked for the check.

Already taken care of…turns out our new buddy had treated us to dinner.

Knock me over with a feather.

Great conversation, terrific food, amazing swag and an introduction to an exceptional woman.

Only in New York, peeps.

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