One White Lie…NYC Restaurant Review


White is way overhyped.

Another supposed tasty tale that just does not hang together.

One White Street is a classic townhouse perched on a corner in Tribeca.

In the pretty little house which used to be owned by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, resides a noted chef and master sommelier.

The setting drew me in along with Chef Austin Johnson formerly of Michelin Star Paris standout restaurant, Frenchie and Master Sommelier Dustin Wilson.

Rigor Hill, the highly praised Hudson Valley 10-acre farm that produces vegetables exclusively for One White Street was also a draw.

Temptation…I should never have succumbed.

I was riding a high from SIX on Broadway so I jumped on the subway to make it to One White Street by 5pm to hopefully secure a reservation for the first floor a la carte section of the restaurant…floors 2 and 3 are tres chic and reservations are required for the six-course $148 tasting menu.

Well, the two ungracious gnomes at the outdoor host podium laughed with glee, telling me reservations were gone as there was a line by 4pm and I was residing in fantasyland if I thought I could get in.

Perhaps they could seat me by 10pm. It was 5…give me a break!

Was I supposed to water the plants and dust the artwork during the 5 hour wait?

We could sit in confinement in the Terrace room which looked like a horse shed.

What the hay.

We were a long subway ride and $60 Lyft ride from home and I’ll try anything once.

I straddled the narrow medal stool, observing that the quarters were tight as social distancing got the boot, but, thankfully, our neighbors on both sides were delightful.

My wine took forever to arrive, but all good things are worth waiting for.

The pour, unsurprisingly, was meager and wine was definitely needed for this unmemorable dining experience.

We started with the much ballyhooed Sourdough Focaccia with Rigor Hill Onion Jam that was so unremarkable we did not even finish it ($14).

The Shaved Fennel Salad grew on me once I was able to locate the bleu cheese. The salad was comprised of white anchovy and candied pistachios with a yuzu vinaigrette dressing ($18).

The horse shed I mean Terrace menu is quite limited since it is meant for reservationless peons.

We selected the Roasted Turbot in a delicious lemon beurre blanc sauces which was quite good, but arrived cold.

In a walk of shame move the kitchen reheated the same $42 dish and presented a half eaten piece of fish without including the original  garnish of vegetables and turnips…how cheap can you get!

Additional listed mains were a Half Roasted Duck ($48) and a White Truffle Gnocchi ($60).

We paid for mediocrity and happily headed uptown for pizza and an adult beverage.

If it was not for the lovely couple perched next to us who generously shared time during their first date night out since giving birth to a bouncing baby boy the evening would have been as dreary as the Virginia gubernatorial returns.

And fade to black on the unimpressive, overhyped White Street.

One White Street 1 White Street Tribeca NYC. Open Tuesday-Thursday 5-10pm and Friday-Saturday 5-11pm. Reservations for the upstairs dining tasting menu on Resy.

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