Once Again, You Can’t Fix Stupid…

Summer is waning or so I have been told.

To be honest, returning to Coronaville time seems to stand still.

Back to wearing masks full time, definitely no indoor dining and we are forfeiting plans to visit museums, attend concerts, theatre or engage in retail therapy.

I would like to salute (give the middle finger) to all the irresponsible, selfish dick wads who refuse to be vaccinated and tell them that their  thoughtless, overly dramatic 2 year-old temper tantrum re-enactments will not be rewarded except to wish you all the worst life has to offer.

Self-imposed house arrest appears more challenging the second time around…our carefully planned breakout after 17 months of exile was fabulous and now another new reality has Delta dawned.

Stay safe, wear a mask and enjoy the weekend.

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