On My Soapbox…

I’m feeling positive that I have Covid or a close relative.

My home tests are all negative, but I have been invaded by alien bodysnatchers.

Never have I ever been this sick.

Symptoms are bizarre, uncontrollable, painful and one is left helpless to fight back…basically lie down and let it torment your body and 4-5 days later, hopefully, resume life.

I have been injected 4 times (2 Moderna vaccines and 2 Boosters), I wash my hands incessantly, I mask all the time, I have not gone to a large gathering since Covid hit, I have traveled, but wear a mask upon leaving home and do not remove until I am in a safe environment, I sanitize the plane seat and area and I never dine indoors.

If I can have a moment to pontificate.

Please wear a mask on planes and indoors, wash your hands and get vaccinated and boosted.

I cannot imagine what this adventure would have been like if I was unvaccinated…better investment than diamonds or designer bags.

Politics should not play a part in staying alive and well.

Covid kills. Surviving this or whatever associated  new fangled virus is quite a rigorous journey.

Be well.


  1. Cathy Newman says:

    I am SOOOO sorry to hear your are feeling rotten. Can you try and test with something other than a home test? Wonder if you’d get a positive result? Though you probably have zero interest in even venturing out. Poor you. Glad you weren’t sick for your Mexico trip!

    Sending healing vibes for a speedy recovery! 💜💜

  2. Laurie Tcath Sterling says:

    Feel better! Glad you are home in your own bed. Wonder if you have some new version not showing up in our home test?🤔 Hope you have good books to read, though my boys both had covid brain and couldn’t focus on anything. The younger one got it 3 days after winning election🙁

  3. ellie lupo says:

    so sorry you are feeling so sick…..glad you have all shots and are so careful about where you go and all.. rest…stay hydrated and recover quickly. Sending all my special feel better thoughts to you****

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