OMG, Best Omakase in NYC…



Hands down, the best sushi in New York City.

Tanoshi is a small, unassuming sushi bar on the upper east side.


Chef Toshio opened the 10-seater in 2012 and it has been going strong ever since.

Initially, the omakase cost $47.

Today the price ranges between $80-$95…worth every penny.

Every piece is delicious, super fresh and melts in your mouth.

I suggest that you saddle on up to the sushi bar and partake.

The menu changes daily as the fish is imported from around the world.

The service is attentive and each sushi chef serves no more than 4 people.

There are two omakase options: Matsu $80-85 or Hinoki for $90-95.

There are also la carte options.

Each omakase menu consists of 10 pieces of sushi, one roll, one hand roll and Akadashi miso soup.

There are three seatings…6pm, 7:30 and 9pm.

Tanoshi is divided into two rooms due to the building’s residential hallway. You are seated at Tanoshi Left or Tanoshi Right.

All culinary preparation is done by the entire staff each morning, under Chef Toshio’s supervision.

Chef began his training in the Ginza district of Tokyo.

He has long-known that great sushi needs good warm rice, fresh fish, mild soy sauce and crispy seaweed (nori).

Tanoshi presents sushi in the classical mode, called Edomae, which originated as street food in early 19th-century Tokyo.

At that time, lack of refrigeration required curing or marinating fish to preserve its’ texture.

Chef Toshio prepares a special soy sauce called, “nikiri.”

Tanoshi is BYOB. There is an excellent liquor store one block away from the restaurant with a large selection of filtered and non filtered sake.

Chef requests that you do not dip your sushi into the soy sauce and only eat with your hands.

You are in for such a treat.

Tanoshi 1372 York Avenue between 73rd and 74th Street. New York City. Cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance. Open Monday-Saturday 6-10:30pm.

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