Oh, What A Day…

Deep breath…

Quite a day.

It all started at 5am.

I called my mom in the hospital as she needed immediate surgery on her ankle.

I found out on Wednesday…no time to fly to Florida…so much to organize for her.

So far, she has come through the surgery well, despite the nausea and pain.

I secured 24 hour help and then Queen E will probably need to hold court in rehab.

Same time, same place as last year…deja vu all over again.

This coincided with my burning desire to prove to myself that I was still physically fit after 28 days of feeling awful, but who’s counting.

I threw myself out of bed after the phone call with Queen E and hit the streets.

Fortunately, I took the back door out and noticed that one of the exit doors, which is supposed to be locked at all times, was open.

I took a photo and sent it to management as we have had some issues of late.

The investigation commenced and it turns out that a middle aged couple boldly marched to our building’s front door and, armed with the code, let themselves in at 4:11am.

They exited through the back, admitting a young guy dressed in black.

The tapes then show that 2 other men dressed in black with hoodies and donning rubber gloves and in possession of one of our garage clickers, drove into the garage, parked and then went on a stealing spree, breaking car windows and looting.

Great family viewing and the ending was quite suspenseful and totally realistic.

After that, I held strong for hours, awaiting a call from the surgeon.

Additionally, there is chaos at our New York Coop where more headlines were made today.

I may just crawl into bed before sunset and watch the Trump Shit Show to add more color to the day.

Here’s hoping that the biblical storm that is allegedly approaching Los Angeles, pales in comparison to the chaos that engulfed me on Tumultuous Thursday.

Enjoy your weekend.

photo: SF Weekly

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