Oh My God…

Today is Good Friday so I don’t know how many people will check in to read the ramblings of the Devil, but I am here for you.

Religious offerings according to my personal gospel…Bless Gardy who went Yardy against the Sox.

In layman’s terms, Brett Gardner a Yankee mainstay, produced a miracle and although off to a glacial start to the 2019 baseball season, hit a grand slam on Wednesday night against Yankee nemesis and World Series champion Boston Red Sox in the 7th inning.

The Yankees were down 3-1 and won 5-3….miracles do happen.

Mueller report…Judas (aka Biiiig Bad Bill Barr) showed up at 9:30 Thursday morning and rolled over for Humpty Trumpty.

It’s a Good Friday for Agent Orange and the Republicans since Congress isn’t even in session due to the holiday weekend…great end run game plan, trumpsters.

Barr, the Attorney General and the Justice Department officials, have repeatedly discussed the the Mueller report’s conclusions with White House lawyers, aiding the president’s legal team…lock them up.

That’s not rotting Easter eggs I smell. It is the odious stench of an Authoritarian government.

The 2019 NFL schedule was released yesterday. Thank God I only have to stay up late 3 nights.

God created the world in 6 days and on the 7th he rested.

I should not have to be tortured on multiple Sundays nights.

I should be getting in touch with my inner self not antagonizing it.

On that note, I bid a Happy constipation free Passover and a good Good Friday to all.

Traditionally, Good Friday is a day marked by fasting and penance…the story of my life.

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