Off The Bed…

Courtny & Finnley
Courtny & Finnley

Finn woke up whimpering at 2am Saturday morning. Could it have been she was howling at the Blue Moon?

I found it strange since she had slept through the night in her crate since the day we rescued her.

I was out pounding the pavement at 6:30am, careful to keep her in the street and away from possible contamination as she has not had all her shots.

Things went smoothly until we arrived home. All Finn wanted to do was jump on Courtny’s bed and snuggle with her.

I found this strange since the puppy is not allowed on the furniture.

Surprise…Courtny had been encouraging Finn to lie on her bed and cuddle with the ulterior motive of affording Courtny more shut-eye.

Finnley Breaking House Rules
Finnley Breaking House Rules

Well, Mommy Dearest rushed in and set things straight.

Courtny wanted to know why I was being so rigid with Finn and she queried if I was a strict mom.

I explained that when Courtny was growing up, I was strict, but reasonable. The goal was to set limits. No television during the week, Courtny had to read nightly, no junk food and plenty of exercise. Other than that I was pretty liberal.

Courtny looked at me with the same cocked head and puppy eyes that Finn does and lovingly uttered, “Now I know why my hips are so screwed up. As a kid you always made me (as I termed it), sacrifice my body. I played hard at every sport and had to hike and take long walks with you.”

“By the way, Didn’t the vet say not to over exercise the puppy? Doesn’t that pertain to kids, as well?!”

Great. Another reason to sit in the dark. My goal was to have a fit and healthy daughter. I have somehow been accused of being an abusive parent and giving her hip dysplasia.

Silly me, I thought babies and puppies were born with dysplasia.

I guess I better make an appointment for Courtny at the vet and get her on Glucosamine.

By the way, Courtny, great deflection from the issue of the dog sleeping on the bed. Kudos.

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