Nowhere To Run…


It’s Monday.

A new start to a new week.

To be honest, It has been a very challenging time.

I was hoping that switching coasts would be a relief from being inundated by memories and odes to Queen E.

No escaping reality unless I left my conscience on the east coast and morphed into the Headless Horsewoman.

And, to add insult to injury, no matter how organized you think you are, death throws so many bureaucratic and financial curve balls that you end up playing dodge ball for weeks at end.

Legally, things make no sense so you are stuck in a maze, seemingly making an endless array of innocent mistakes.

Furthermore, it conjures up thoughts about one‘s own mortality and the fact that I am now an orphan…would anyone consider adopting a senior, house trained and friendly human?!

Sorry to be a Monday Moaner.

As Martha and the Vandellas sang:

Ev’rywhere I go, your face I see, ev’ry step I take, you take with me yeah
Nowhere to run to, baby, nowhere to hide.


  1. but, you would not be happy not to remember…so many great memories ….so much love.\,respect,good times and tough ones too. the legal mish mash needed to be done now is a slap in the face…hard to deal with…constant reminder,but this part will pass and be done. thoughts are with you …..

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