Bleeding Orange…

orangeWe are rapidly approaching the NFL divisional championship games and then Super Bowl Sunday which is at Giants Stadium (MetLife) this year, minus my beloved New York Football Giants.

I am in a quandary as to which team to support. After all, Denver Broncos quarterback, Peyton Manning, is family since his brother, Eli, is the Giants quarterback.

I have also had a long-standing crush on the Broncos head coach, John Fox, who was actually an outstanding defensive coordinator for the Giants.

The Patriots are a long time NY Giants nemesis, even thought the Giants have beaten them twice in two of the best Super Bowl games ever. The New England head coach, the brilliant, but unstylish Bill Belichick, was a stellar defensive coordinator for the Giants, as well. He was destined to be the Giants head coach, but Bill Parcells screwed Belichick.

As a sports fan, you have to admire the team’s tenacity and Tom Brady is both a great quarterback and fabulous to look at.

Seriously, I dislike both NFC teams. I used to root for Seattle, but they have become obnoxious chest beaters. Seattle Seahawks qb, Russell Wilson, is a star and appears to be an all-round good guy, but many on the team, especially in the secondary, i.e. cornerback Richard Sherman, are overly aggressive (code word for dirty) just like their coach, Pete Carroll.

The San Francisco defense is admirable, but the Giants and the 49ers are arch enemies…not as voracious as the Eagles and Cowboys, but still not friends. Wide receiver, Michael Crabtree, drives me crazy and Colin Kaepernick seems dumb as dirt. Head coach, Jim Harbaugh, is an astute coach, but he always wears $8 high waisted Walmart khakis.

Here is my Super Bowl prediction…Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks. I also predict that Bruno Mars will perform at halftime.


Also, please get out the vote and participate in my quarterback vanity survey. Just rank the above pictured quarterbacks from most appealing/best looking to least desirable. I will post the results next week.

I find myself drifting in a sports vortex. The Giants are finished for the season, the Yankees are still several months away from the start of baseball, the Australian Open makes me sweat as the temperature down under hit 120 degrees on court and I do not need extra incentive for that. Therefore, I am focusing all my sports energy and emotional instability on NCAA basketball.

My alma mater is #2 in the country. Their games remind me of me in the morning. I am up and breathing, but it takes a half ( in college basketball, 20 minutes) and some coffee for me to get in the game. Just like all the teams I unconditionally support, the Syracuse basketball games give me angina.

This year’s team is awesome. Tyler Ennis is a freshman guard and plays like a seasoned upperclassman. Sophomore forward, Jerami Grant, who is adorable, has really come on since last year and is displaying NBA defensive prowess, Trevor Cooney is making the 3’s and forward CJ Fair, well he is amazeballs.

Guard Jerami Grant with Syracuse basketball great, Jerry MacNamara
Guard Jerami Grant with Syracuse basketball great, Gerry McNamara

I won’t bore you anymore with specific details unless you are interested in the fact that Hall of Fame Syracuse head coach, Jim Boeheim, dresses very well and he has his beautiful wife, Julie, to thank. I want my posts to appeal to all so we have tackled sports, fashion and superficial beauty.

Coach Jim Boeheim
Coach Jim Boeheim

Syracuse is one of three remaining undefeated Division 1 basketball teams. The other two are #1 ranked Arizona and #5 Wichita State.

Tomorrow is a huge game against Pittsburgh, a team we always have trouble with so my weekend may be tainted. Jamie Dixon, the Pittsburgh head coach is a looker, but after 11 years at the job, it has taken a toll on his hairline.

It would be so healthy for me to take a season off, but my addiction to sports knows no rest. If anyone has addiction advise, I am listening…please email me because if the menopause doesn’t kill me, my sports obsession will definitely put me in an early grave…HELP and GO ORANGE!


  1. Paula Lopez says:

    Three of the quarterbacks have dumb haircuts, and in the case of the one with facial hair, and a dumb haircut, a dumb looking sprout of chin hair, and Peyton Manning the lone okay hair person, just looks plain dumb.

    So I find them all in conclusion just plain awful.

  2. Amy Sheneman says:

    so wonderful to find someone else who hares my passion for S.U. ORANGE – I truly bleed orange and just adore them. I just hope that the boys are learning the things they will need after they graduate – I am sometimes embarrassed when they give an interview and their ability to speak proper English is lacking.

    • I know, but Syracuse does have one of the higher athlete graduation rates. Unfortunately, athletes are often left to their own devices and passed forward for no other reason than they are athletes. I have worked with many and they are really cheating themselves as their is a long life after sports and many are not prepared.

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