Nothing Good Happens After Midnight…

It’s five minutes after midnight.

I emotionally prepped for my date with football destiny all day yesterday.

I fortified myself against the battle that commenced at 8:15pm.

I strengthened my core by spinning, I took a 60 minute pilates class for focus and stamina and practiced my running skills dodging tourists and Marathoners in Central Park with the doggies.

I made chicken lettuce wraps for lunch so I had protein to strengthen my endurance for an evening kickoff.

I had on my NY Giants apparel, my lucky Giants boxers which obviously have lost their mojo and elasticity after 15 years.

Around 5pm I faced a pre-game conundrum.

My husband had severe stomach pains which turned out to be food poisoning.

I did everything to aid and abet, but he was strongly leaning towards going to the ER.

What to do?!

I never miss a game yet can I abandon my sick husband?!

Florence Nightingale sprang into action, finally lulling the patient to sleep.

I kept vigil by his side and sat alone in the dark, praying he felt better and also  putting in a good word for a NY Giants victory.

Surprise (not)…the Giants lost.

I am hopeful David will be much improved by sunrise…the Giants will not be.

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