Nothin’ You Can’t Do…

New York City
New York City


 I am leaving on a jet plane, destination, Los Angeles.


I always depart my beloved NY in sadness, left wanting for a life that stimulates and rarely disappoints.

I am extremely excited to see my husband after nearly 2 months and my doggies who I am desperate to cuddle, but LA takes some adjusting.

Sure, the weather is perfect, beach at my fingertips, but it ain’t NY.

santa monica

So until next month, I bid my city a fond farewell.

As Alicia Keys sings:

“There’s nothin’ you can’t do…

these streets will make you feel brand new…

big lights will inspire you

let’s hear it for New York, New York…”

See you tomorrow on the other side.

Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, “Empire State of Mind”

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