Nothin’ To Say…

I have nothing concrete to impart…just a random stream of consciousness.

Top of the list. I don’t get humans anymore.

On to best laid plans.

I spent hours and hours online trying to furnish our place.

The new furniture is rolling into my bombed out bungalow.

I rented a storage space for Queen E’s sculpture, but I cannot physically move furniture into the storage bin so the newbies shall wilt under the popcorn ceiling droppings and all encompassing Dubai like dust storm.

I think it’s a good day for a swim and diving into the issue of people’s unending ability to disappoint.

Hooray, no peeps at the pool. The pool furniture was tied up and secured because Elsa was planning on making a house call.

No Elsa, just peace and quiet.

Just me and the cutest little froggie who leaps around while I do my laps


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