Not Ready Yet…

Feelings change.

Who knew that restaurants would become my nemesis.

I was in a committed relationship with dining out, experiencing every type of food, eating in seafood shacks as well as in elegant surroundings.

Saturday, on a whim and with overwhelming trepidation, we visited an outdoor cafe after a long walk on the beach.

After a three month hiatus, we embarked on a journey into the great unknown.

I kept asking my husband if we were doing the right thing…he is way more mellow about life in Coronaville.

We were the first customers and chose a seat by the railing with an amazing ocean view.

The tables were all 6 feet apart and having been to the Beach Cafe before we noticed that half of the outdoor tables had been removed.

The service staff wore masks and customers were not allowed in without wearing one.

The newly painted tables were sprayed with a  disinfectant…so far, all according to the governor’s Covid-19 restaurant dining mandates.

I still worried about the cutlery, plates and the people handling the food behind the scenes.

It was a nice change, a beautiful day and a lovely breakfast.

But, the bottom line is that I am not ready for a committed relationship.

Peace of mind is more tantalizing then being furloughed from my kitchen incarceration.

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  1. I am hoping that we will venture out on Fathers Day
    It’s a day by day discussion with reservation made and with emotional reservation
    Outdoors on patio in Delray with limited, spaced tables
    Reluctant husband!!!

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