Not My Brother’s Keeper…

Friday was a gorgeous day in New York City.

Temperature hovering around 50, only a simple fleece needed, cloudless, azure sky, a potent winter sun shining down on Central Park.

Finnley, Madison and I stalked the squirrels, birds and numerous canines for three glorious hours.

We ended our jaunt with a cappuccino outside Le Pain Quotidien by Sheep Meadow in the Park.

Two tourists were basking in the surrounding beauty while studying a city map.

We chatted.

They had flown in on Thursday from Norway just for the weekend.

It turns out that they are siblings who actually really like each other.

What a novel concept as I am not blessed with that type of sibling relationship.

The reason for the trip to NYC is the lovely lady bought her Hamilton obsessed brother tickets to see the mega hit Broadway show.

When he opened his Christmas present, tears of joy flowed.

Hamilton mania extends all the way to the Norwegian woods.

You could see that this was a mutual admiration society.

How nice to have shared a youth and still enjoy each other’s company.

It always fascinates me that siblings can grow up in the same home environment and not have any type of bond.

Oh well, as we all know, nothing is perfect.

Damn it, I love perfection.

I can’t complain.

I have my fabulous husband and daughter along with my four-legged besties.

Maybe that is why I was one and done…do it right the first time and there is no need for more.

Stating the obvious, all relationships are complicated, although I’m on board for the Norwegian method.






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