Nocturnal Musings…

Anyone sleeping?

What is the magic elixir?!

It has been months.

Last night I binge watched, After Life, a funny smart, well written series from the talented Ricky Gervais.

I was up until 3:30am and then had a 7:30am business call.

So the past 10 nights I have logged  3 TV series binges, 1 after midnight pizza, 3 Younger episodes, a Housewife of Beverly Hills reunion which I swore I would never watch again because I detest all those overdone biatches, read City of Girls, baked bread, sautéed vegetables, watched Rachel Maddow reruns and planned a European vacation.

Anyone have book or TV series suggestions?!

A friend just recommended Years and Years so you know what I will be doing late into the night this weekend.

Stay hydrated New York and everyone enjoy the weekend.


  1. Jessica Jones

  2. Beth Martin says:

    Books suggestions: Searching for Sylvia Lee, The Travelers by Regina Porter, Dual Citizens by Alice Ohlin, and an old one: Recessional by James Michener (about elder healthcare in Florida!). Get some sleep.

  3. Darian Campise says:

    Watch the 3 part documentary about the Great War on PBS. So interesting – I didn’t know much about WWI. Good luck!

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