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nobu patio

Ho hum, another picture perfect Saturday in Southern California.

Top down, we cruised to Malibu. On the way home, David had an epiphany…I went with the flow as I am usually the in-house activity director so I was thrilled that he was attempting to contribute to our Saturday night plans.Nobu Malibu

The traffic was heavy and we were inching past the new Nobu, picturesquely situated on the ocean. He hung a quick right and valets surged towards us from all directions. We navigated through a maze of Bentley’s, Range Rover’s, Mercedes and a souped up Porsche Boxster with the license plate MTV n VH1 and headed to the hostess desk.

It was barely 4:30 and the inside restaurant had yet to open. Already, there was a 2 hour wait for an outside table. Our option was to sit at a lovely outdoor table with the enticing, pervasive sounds of the Pacific…the drawback was no table service and mingling with anorexic, smoking entitlementors dressed in Kardashian chic with midriff tops and designer tap shorts, jumpsuits along with too short cut offs and gladiator sandals….ah, to be young, a perpetual hair flicker, a verbal “like” freak and display an excess of Cartier arm candy.

We found a table overlooking the ocean, David elbowed his way through the crowd of hair flicking twenty somethings to the small indoor bar and secured 2 Chopin vodkas ($14 each) on the rocks.

I settled in at the seaside table, awaiting my prince and vodka. Being temporarily solo, I proceeded to eavesdrop on a conversation between a 35 plus English woman and a groovy Santa Monica guy wearing a knitted cap in 75 degree weather. She had just finished a phone conversation with her surrogate to let her know the 6 month old baby was loving her first Nobu experience.

The 2 had not seen each other in quite some time and the English lass explained that she had been craving a baby and did not want the responsibility and hassle of a husband. She found a surrogate she instantaneously connected with. The surrogate was impregnated on the first attempt and voila, baby Faith was hatched and loving her Nobu experience.

Wow, Faith and I were both having the same reaction to a late afternoon rendezvous at Nobu. Who said I cannot ever meet people of a like mind when I am in Los Angeles?!

David returned, the conversation ceased and a couple asked if they could share our table and we agreed. They were charming. She is a Egyptian lifestyle magazine owner and editor and he is an entrepreneur who just sold his NYC digs and is happily ensconced in LA.

We had intended to enjoy the sunset and head home to walk the dogs, when the hostess glided over and offered us what is probably the best table in the house…we could not refuse. Talk about great restaurant karma…it was a Saturday night, no reservation at one of the most popular places in Los Angeles and a stellar table, to boot.

The setting was perfection…sushi, sunset, the ocean lapping just below. Apparently, the couple we had sat with were offered an inside table so we invited them to share our piece of paradise.


What followed was a delicious and delightfully unexpected evening. We started with sushi…hamachi (yellowtail $5 each), salmon skin hand rolls ($7 each), uni (sea urchin $8 each), salmon ($3.50 each)…all excellent.

Mushroom Salad
Mushroom Salad

Our new found friends went the prepared food route. They order the mushroom salad ($18)…the mushrooms were divine, lettuce crisp, dressing light and flavorful. The King Crab salad ($38) was loaded with tender and sweet crab. The hamachi sashimi with jalapeno ($24) was silky, marinated in a savory ponzu  sauce.

Hamachi Sashimi
Hamachi Sashimi

They followed up with Chilean sea bass ($34), which was creamy and delicious with a lovely and satisfying hint of citrus.

We continued with our traditional selections and ordered fresh water eel ($4 each) and yellowtail and scallion hand roll ($8 each).

In my rocker past, I have organized many events at Nobu New York, London and Las Vegas. Some of my most memorable dining experiences were at Matsuhisa on La Cienaga in LA, the granddaddy of all the Nobu’s. I used to take bands in there, reserve a private room and give Nobu a free rein. Course after amazing course would be presented. We left satiated and a bit poorer, but happy.

sunset nobu

You are obligated to experience Nobu Malibu at least once that is how amazing the outdoor ambiance is…au naturel is a MUST. We witnessed a candy coated sunset, with tinges of pink and yellow and indulged in delicious food beneath a full moon, the Big and Little Dippers along with millions of twinkling stars.

We also made new, interesting  acquaintances…a great evening was had by all. Thanks to the lovely hostess who bestowed an unbelievable table upon us. The servers were patient, attentive (except for the green tea!) as we spent hours inhaling the gorgeous view. Thankfully, no hair flickers in my sight lines.

Nobu 22706 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, California. Open daily 10am-10pm, Friday and Saturday open until 11pm. Valet parking $10. Reservations suggested.


  1. We love Nobu too!

  2. I have been to Nobu in LA. Never to Malibu. Have put in my wish list for my Birthday in June.

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