No Sex In The City…

Michael Maslin Owen, The New Yorker
Michael Maslin, The New Yorker.

Sex in the city.

Who has it anymore?

Everyone I talk to is too tired, very single and can’t find anyone to mingle with, too married, too old, too cautious or just not into it.

Please note this is not autobiographical…just a random overview since the culture appears to be rampant with dissatisfaction..

TV sex is frequent and orgasmic. Sometimes the television is just on and the sounds of copulation stop me in my tracks. Every encounter appears to end in complete fulfillment.

Film and TV sex is clean, neat and not slippery when wet. The lights are on, no one wears granny panties or sports bras. Thongs and briefs never have the elastic stretched out. Everyone is manicured and landscaped. No eye boogers.  Teeth sparkle. No bed head.

Maybe if things got real, people would be talking the talk. I’m just saying.

Fifty Shades of Grey  photo;
Fifty Shades of Grey photo;

Next week could be promising for many what with the premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey and Valentine’s Day.

Let the games begin and fulfillment attained.

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