No Free In-N-Out Burger…


Sue the sperm donors!!

There is no free ride.

Men now more than ever need to share in the responsibility of pregnancy…if not, keep it in your pants.

Frankly, why is pregnancy so often a female’s sole responsibility when it takes two to do the horizontal mambo?!

And, now a decision dominated by male opinion is on the precipice of being overturned…an unjustified, stripping away of a guaranteed woman’s right that has been in place for nearly five decades,

Note, Roe v Wade has been a constitutional right that has been in place for 50 years, supported by 70% of the population.

Whether pregnancy is an accident, one and done, rape, the mother’s health or an act of incest, women are often left alone to deal with unwanted and frequently dangerous pregnancies.

The decision to parent is life changing and undesired children, ultimately, suffer greatly.

Low income women, women of color and teenagers are the most at risk.

Lets face it. If you have money there is often a solution and the reality is that one in four American women have had an abortion in this country.

Women, let’s hear you roar by voting in all upcoming elections.

Vote against the extremism that women, in particular, are affected by.

I am in Florida. If this state makes abortions illegal then a woman living in Florida would have to drive an average of 575 miles one way to reach a state that provides abortion services…North Carolina being the closest state.

War has been declared on the American woman by ultra conservative white men who after my political experience in Washington D.C. are always at the ready to enjoy an In-N-Out Burger, cheat on their wives and not take responsibility for their selfish actions.

How dare they!!!!

As usual, we must save ourselves from male hypocrisy.

We are strong, smart women who have a constitutional right to make a personal decision about our own bodies.

Women, let’s Stick it to the Dicks!!


Photo: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

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