Nightly Affirmations…

Daily Ablutions.

Wake up, do my due diligence in the bathroom, make a cappuccino and Windex the large French mirror in the living room.

Say what?

Yes, our amazing doggie, Finnley, has a nocturnal  date with destiny which entails admiring her reflection..

She must spend a considerable amount of time loving on her image because every morning there are nose prints and drool drippings etched onto the mirror.

Does she think she has a twin that visits only at nighttime or perhaps she performs her nightly affirmations in the mirror a la Stuart Smalley (Al Franken) on SNL…”I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.”

Curious. I have done nightly forays, but never catch her.

During the day time I have caught glimpses of her self-reflecting from a distance, but no up close and personal  interaction.

I am happy to wipe away the prior evenings smudges knowing that we have a very self-confident pup who genuinely loves herself.

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