New York Times…

Saturday began spinning out of control, but in a good way on a stationary bike at Equinox.

Soon after we headed downtown to see Aasif Mandvi star in Sakina’s Restaurant, his one man show at the Monetta Lane Theatre.

You may remember Mandvi from The Daily Show were he served as correspondent.

Sakina’s Restaurant

Mandvi revisits his acclaimed, Obie Award-winning one-man show, twenty years after its celebrated debut in New York City.

The central character is an animated, focused young man who is a recent immigrant from India, anxious to fulfill his dreams about life in America.

Through his job as a waiter at Sakina’s Restaurant, we meet a funny, poignant and colorful cast of characters, which Mandvi effectively portrays.

Sakina’s Restaurant sheds new light on the idea of the American dream, asking the questions where is  home and what really provides happiness.

Following the play we focused on our American dream of Belgium fries and savored a conical cup at  Pommes Frites on MacDougal Street.

We strolled a bustling Greenwich Village under a bright blue fall sky, shopping the 40% off at the Gap and Banana Republic and splurging on workout wear at Lululemon.

The dogs needed attention so playtime in the Park beckoned.

Cafe Luxembourg Cheese Plate

Adult indulgence was next and off we went to Cafe Luxembourg to hang with Rachel and gleefully partake in grilled salmon, quinoa salad and an assortment of cheese.

The night ended with a dessert of baseball and college football and the nightmare of having to watch two teams I care for Naught compete in the World Series, a painful reality that will play out for weeks to come.

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