New York State Of Mind…

Leaving on a jet plane.

First time I did not have to vacuum and deep clean with the goal of  leaving my home basking in perfection so when I return all will be right in my world.

Slamming the door on dust and destruction.

Timeline to turn things around…unknown.

New York City here I come after 17 long and tumultuous months.

Unimaginable what we have lived through in 2020.

I cannot wait to walk through Central Park with my four-legged bestie, Finnley.

Museums to visit as a masked marauder, window shopping on 5th Avenue and Madison, free viewing of Yankee games, new restaurants to explore…life will be vibrant, again.

I’ll be spreadin’ the news.
“In New York
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There’s nothing you can’t do
Now you’re in New York
These streets will make you feel brand-new
Big lights will inspire you
Let’s hear it for New York.”


  1. Have a great time

    • Thank you. Hope all is well. We had dinner with Courtny tonight and we were reminiscing about what a great time we had in Santa Fe and how those 6 weeks made the pandemic sequestration bearable!

  2. Welcome back!!!!

  3. ellie lupo says:

    love it……..all so true and for you!

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