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Social media drives me crazy.

Recently, I clicked on a cosmetic product and afterwards I was inundated with ads about said item appearing on all platforms…Big Brother is following you.

Then videos from personalities popped up attempting to convince me that a particular serum or moisturizer, foundation, mascara, eyeliner is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I always find it suspect that twenty and thirty-somethings are promoting the benefits of these products.

When I was that age I had no wrinkles, fine lines or sagging parts.

These personalities rave about how the products remove all signs of aging…what signs?!

Then we have the celebrities who clearly have had plastic surgery promoting these wonder drugs…can’t anyone be truthful?!

Next up famous celebrities as the face of hair products and how the said product enriches their hair, thickening it.

I have worked with these famous people and most of them wear wigs and extensions and do not have voluminous hair.

I question why young women wear so much make up and layers of primer, foundation, powder unless they have serious acne issues.

What happened to a natural look?

Can the average woman afford SkinCeuticals, Goop and La Mer recommended products, especially when you are advised to use multiple items…toner, serum, primer, contour, moisturizer, concealer and then we get into blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, a necessary assortment of brushes, eyelash curler, false eyelashes, mascara, eyebrow pencils and brushes, lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss…on and on and on.

I totally believe in combating aging, keeping your face clean and fresh, but daily priming, layering and painting is not my thing.

I have to admit to sampling many of these beauty products and nothing really changes anything once the aging process creeps up on you.

Being proactive is important from a young age, but let’s face it, so much is genetics and sunscreen which is the new facelift..never leave home without it and don’t forget that your face, ears and arms are very vulnerable inside your car. I am living proof!

Eating healthy, exercising, moderate alcohol intake, no smoking and a daily cleansing regime are important.

All these natural steps make a difference.

Of course I want to look good, but I must admit that after the cleansing and moisturizing I ascribe to Team Less is More on the face and in your wallet.


Photo: People Magazine

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