Natural High…


This best things in life are free.

That thought came to mind this weekend when I scaled a cliff in Malibu overlooking the Pacific Ocean and witnessed a drive by of a pod of California Gray Whales.

I literally screamed with joy.

The cascade of water spouting from the huge mammals was better than the water show at The Ballagio in Las Vegas.

In actuality, it is a stream of warm air being forced out of the whale’s lungs after a deep dive.

Following close behind where a pod of young dolphins frolicking in the ocean.

Dolphins travel in pods for protection against predators such as sharks.

Thats probably why I always travel with my “podner”, David, who protects me against two legged maskless sharks…bada bum.

Having been lucky enough to have experienced several trips to Africa, I have found that one of the greatest thrills in life is riding in an open Land Rover and spotting the well camouflaged Big Five (reminded me of when I was a kid and you had to uncover the animals hidden in the picture).

Personal photos taken during most recent South African safari

Being in nature is a natural high…just came to mind as the whales swam by and the ocean air was redolent with the earthy smell of marijuana emanating from the approaching 20-something hikers.

I’ll stick with the natural nurturing nature high…I’d probably fall off the cliff or out of the back of the jeep if I indulged in the medicinal grass while freely and joyfully communing with nature.

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