My Tank Is Empty…

I have nothing to say today.

I wish I could post about the fabulous Broadway show I saw last night then enjoyed an after theatre cocktail and a marvelous late supper at a new restaurant with close friends.

That would mean that America had flattened the curve, no reported Coronavirus deaths and we were embarking on a new normal.

But, alas, we are all still in lockdown which, by the way, I totally support.

I do not mind the constant cooking and cleaning (well sometimes).

I have a new appreciation for nature during my early morning hikes…birds are singing, flowers are blooming, you can see the mountains framing the Los Angeles basin and the sky is clear over the Pacific Ocean.

I seem to spend a sizable amount of time crying for all the people who are suffering and dying from Coronavirus, virtually applauding frontline workers and fuming at our dictator and his ass kissing band of selfish, moronic, evil, heartless followers and I am only talking about the Republicans in Congress.

My creative tank is depleted so I wish you good health, happiness and a super shelter-in-place day.

I shall return…renewed.

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