My Guy…

You think you know a person.

Then one day you are exposed to their past.

Lightning strikes and you fall in love all over again with the original.

A treasure trove of snapshots from my husband’s formative years were just passed on to me.

He left South Africa with very few photos from his childhood so I have always had a limited peek into the past.

Seeing him in his youth is absolutely fabulous.

He has always been an avid reader.

I cherish the stories about his down time away from school and futbol.

He would hang in his childhood bedroom in South Africa intently reading a book, hooked up to an IV bag he swiped from his father the doctor, sipping a beverage out of the IV tube.

I am reveling in this joyful stroll down memory lane.

David’s home town in South Africa

Memories from another time and continent…


  1. Anna Holbrook says:

    Toby, these are just wonderful!!! I have been having a similar journey as I weed out my childhood home – my parents lived there with 55 years of ‘memories’! I keep stumbling upon photos never seen, letters I’d never read. All opening up and enriching my own works with memories of these amazing people. Yiour ‘young David’ is just delicious!!!!
    Do hope you’re well.! I’m in the thick of the selling, appraising, septic installating part of the process. I know you’ve been there. My hat is WAY off to you!!!
    Cheers, Anna:)

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