Mother’s Little Helper…


I am woman, hear me roar.

It is the 21st century and women are still second class citizens.

Heartless, sexist men consistently making decisions about our bodies.

Politicians mandating that we should carry babies to term and then cutting aide once we have them, not supporting funds for daycare or healthcare.

The glass ceiling is still in place.

Women are still eye candy on the sidelines for sporting events, spewing, as directed, inane information while grabbing an angry, breathless overweight coach running off the field.

Women’s postpartum issues have finally been recognized and validated, but with a caveat.

It was just announced that the first pill approved to treat postpartum depression will be priced at $15,900 for a two-week treatment course.

An estimated 500,000 women are affected by postpartum depression each year.

It has yet to be determined if insurance will cover this outrageous cost.

It’s obvious. The answer is women should run the country…No wars, plenty of room for debate and compromise, improved healthcare, education.

May I remind you that Hillary Rodham Clinton won the popular vote in 2016 and her defeat led us to Agent Orange becoming president. We know how that turned out and are still suffering the consequences and his endless spouting of bafflegab.

I now feel controlled postpartum anger, depression and anxiety viewing the antiquated view of women that still rages in this country and sadly throughout the world.


  1. Women will always be seen as a threat to men. Women bleed when giving birth, that is too profound . Men bleed and they faint. Women are strong and emotional. If women were not emotional, men wouldn’t be out of touch with reality, protected by women.ñ not to hurt. There are some amazing men out there , must recognized that, not many .
    Must remember too, we are simple humans.
    Women is the strongest sex because we are both. Men are born men because a female had to give up her insides for the male to be born. Even before birth women are giving up their rights for men to exist . Men might change when their mother’s mentality changes. Men want a son for first born. Mothers protect their son before their daughters. To stay in power men must create wars to show their strength. It has been that way for thousands of years and still nothing changes. Technology advances, The mind still lives in 500 BC .
    I like to see a born male to give birth before they can dictate what women should do with their bodies.
    I like to hear a born male describe what it is to be pregnant because of rape. I like to hear a born male describe how it feels to be pregnant. Not until then and even then.

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