Mother May I…

As we flow into Mother’s Day, I am performing my housewifely duties striving to get my life and house in order.

The goal is to complete the task before the noted weekend is upon us, honoring the supremely distinguished club of godly mothers.

After all, cleanliness is next to godliness.

I raise this question…with all the technological achievements in my lifetime, why isn’t there an automated dusting gadget or app?

Feather dusters are a joke unless you don a French maid’s outfit.

Obviously and sadly, dusting has not really been improved upon or updated in centuries.

After I take care of business I shall take a step back and ponder my self-defeating Mother’s Day decision.

My family surprised me with a Spa day in Santa Barbara, but I have turned them down.

Now that California had been placed in the COVID Yellow Minimal Tier I am concerned about crowds.

I passed on a Sunday drive up the coast, lounging by the pool overlooking the ocean, a 90-minute deep tissue massage and a farm to table lunch.

Alas, I am not ready for prime time.

I am sure I will have a lovely day nonetheless,  altough it will not be complete without my darling daughter.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the multitasking Super Heroes out there.

Dust off real clothes, put on an actual bra, pull out the mascara…thicken and lengthen and have a grand day.

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  1. ellie lupo says:

    wonderful photo firstly…
    unfortunate about gift,but smart to say not yet!
    life is beginning to make a start to normal

    whatever that is and I am thankful as many I believe are.
    understand about not having your daughter near…..or our own mothers
    I plan to call..or hopefully they will call me….my kids and talk to my Mom like I often do anyway.
    Happy Mother”s day. Actually everyday should be a Mom’s Day!!!

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