A Moon Doggy Better Than Gidget’s…


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Until recently, as with dogs, I always had a conditioned response to the name, Moon Doggie. I would start to drool and think about my crush on Moon Doggie (James Darren), Gidget’s guy.

Now, the name , Moon Doggy, is associated with my favorite do it yourself dog wash.

The romance is dead, but my dog is clean.

Moon Doggy Bathtubs
Moon Doggy Bathtubs

Located on Lincoln Blvd. in Santa Monica, it is a superb set up for washing dogs. They have raised, deep bathtubs, preventing back breakage from bending over to scrub a dub dub your doggie over, under and every which way.

wet mad

 Leashes are attached to the tubs to secure your pup from jumping out and hurting themselves. I have experienced hand to hand combat in the past…this diminishes the battle.

Moon Doggy's
Moon Doggy’s
Moon Doggy Supplies
Moon Doggy Supplies

Moon doggy’s has an array of specialized shampoos, from oatmeal which is recommended for sensitive skin, to no tears and aroma therapy washes. They carry gentle conditioners, flea and tick shampoo, glosses and even blueberry clove dog cologne for the finishing grooming touch.

Madison's Blow Dry
Madison’s Blow Dry

The deal (wash is $15) is such a deal and for $5 extra, your canine can indulge in a mani pedi…all this for a grand total of $21 and you are eligible for a rewards card. After 10 washes you receive a  freebie wash.

Grooming is available. The very capable employees will gladly wash and style the dogs.

Madison's Mani
Madison’s Mani

The ultimate rub are the towels that are soo soft and fluffy. Also, thrown into the deal is a cool air dryer, conveniently located in your stall on a drying bench across from the tub. Owners can play hairdo dolly and make their dogs so gorgeous that they preen and prance all the way home.

An array of  treats are offered to enhance the bathing experience and are also there for an enjoyable parting gift. Of course, the water bar is always open.

 In New York City, I have yet to locate a Moon Doggy’s type operation. You drop off the canine and the cost runs about $75. Having 2 dogs, $150 is a hefty weekly price tag.

I thought about crawling into Moon Doggy’s on all fours for the deluxe treatment plus treats. I had recently dropped by Dry Bar and it cost me $50 without appetizers. I am beggin’ for this type of opportunity.

Finished Product
Finished Product

In the meantime, Madison is replete and looks absolutely maaaaaavelous.

moon doggy sign

Moon Doggy’s Dog Wash 1838 Lincoln Blvd. Santa Monica, California. Open Monday-Saturday 9am-7pm, Sunday 12:30-6pm.

Moon Doggie highlights from my favorite movie, Gidget. Soundtrack by The Fray:


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    AWWW I loved it. Madison looks like she loves it too!

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