Moon Over Miami…

40 miles and a world of difference.

Made our annual trek to Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami Beach yesterday.

A short distance yet worlds apart in attitude from Palm Beach County.

On the streets of Miami Beach body coverage is optional, the beaches are incredibly wide and over populated, the amount of exposed tush is almost higher than Florida Covid numbers.

Every inch of Miami Beach is jammed with trendy hotels, mid century apartments, gaudy condos, restaurants and bikini boutiques.

The traffic rivals Los Angeles.

In Miami you are either on the defensive from revved up heavily tinted cars driven by tank top wearing cowboys weaving in and out at 90mph or ultra senior drivers puttering along at 45 in the fast lane.

Joe’s was amazing as always. It was buzzing and we were able to dine outside far from the hungry crowd.

We drove home on Collins Avenue all the way to Aventura. There was a crash on 95 so we cruised down memory lane on local byways and I pointed out the hotels I stayed in college jam packed with 6 to 8 girls per room. We reminisced about our family favorite Rascal House which no longer stands in Hollywood and highlights from hangin’ at Bal Harbour Mall.

The moon was illuminating Miami.

It’s a lovely annual trip down memory lane aided by Joe’s always  outstanding stone crabs, delicious breads, crispy potatoes, creamed spinach and key lime pie.


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