Moe Love…


Please allow me to let you in on a little secret.

Do you know how to never have a cross word with your spouse, partner or significant other?


Pray tell, what is fictosexuality?

It is a growing movement of fictosexuals who fall in love as well as enter into unofficial marriages with fictional characters.

Thousands in Japan and tens of thousands more around the globe have joined online groups where they discuss their commitment to characters from anime, manga and video games.

Can you imagine no fights or frustrations…your mate would never challenge you or there is no need for compromise or marriage counseling.

No in-laws…even if you adopt the family there will be no mother-in-law jokes or mean spirited disruptions.

Your partner is always there for you, never leaves the lights on or spills red wine on white linen furniture, they will never betray you and you will never have to see that special person suffer or drive you up the wall.

The Japanese word for the feelings those characters inspire is “moe,” a term that has become shorthand for just about anything that is viscerally adorable.

As easy breezy that relationship sounds, for the time being I am sticking with my flesh and blood imperfect partner, but if things take a turn I may just get me some moe to vacation with and watch endless sporting events on TV.

I have an adorable Eli Manning doll who has spent years on the shelf patiently awaiting my attention.


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