Migraine On The Rocks…

View of 3rd Street Promenade from Zengo.

I am focused and frustrated, waiting for the muse to appear and inspire me to write tomorrow’s blog…maybe she is geographically confused. I bet she is sweating it out looking for me in NYC when I am in Los Angeles today.

I woke at 1am with a migraine. I have been suffering since the tender age of 8 when I hooked up with the big M on a trip to Washington, D.C. while touring our nation’s capital. They have failed to abandon me. I spent way too many years on the road touring with the bands, suffering with migraines during high decibel rock concerts and after parties. If I ever become a CIA agent, captured and subjected to torture I won’t break as I am overly adept at handling pain. Geez, I need to rethink my career options. I could travel, meet interesting people, go undercover.

Back to my migraine. Being the eternal optimist, I thought that if I kicked my endorphins into high gear my migraine would dissipate…so I went spinning at Equinox Santa Monica with the spin master, Eric Sherman, who always makes me sweat profusely and spins the great tunes. Then off to Marti Bradley’s impossibly challenging Pilates class (www.martibradley.com) and I exorcised my migraine, but now I can’t walk…nothing is perfect! I am putting on my doctor coat and prescribe Happy Hour to celebrate the culmination of 16 hours of paralyzing pain. Usually, alcohol is not recommended for post headache celebrations, but I just had to toast shaking the pain.

Happy Hour is a great multi-purpose invention. If you love to drink and eat, you can do it in abundance without breaking the bank. For socializing with friends, you can imbibe and when boredom sets in you can say you have dinner plans or food in the refrig. The timeline is usually restricted to 2-3 hours so you have an already established cut off time.  If you are online dating or being fixed up, you can meet for a drink, anesthetize the shock if they possess personality and looks of a chess club reject… split the inexpensive check and just split. If you are happily engaged with people you actually like (rare so keep them close!), just enjoy the drinks and food. From personal experimentation, the following are some excellent Happy Hour choices.

Sandia-395 Santa Monica Place in the Santa Monica mall, top floor has a bountiful Happy Hour every day, Sunday-Thursday 4-9 and Friday’s 4-7pm. Highlights are $3 Mexican street food, $3 Mexican beers, $5 Latin cocktails and $5 bottomless guacamole for 2. Guacamole offer is M-F 4-7. They also feature nightly Happy Hour specials such as $2 Tacos Tuesdays.

 Zengo is located behind Sandia…the difference is Zengo has a superb view of the 3rd Street Promenade. On tap is a lovely house Grenache blend, Asian-Latin inspired cocktails such as hibiscus mojito and prickly pear margaritas all for $6. All Happy Hour food selections are under $10 and feature mini beef and chicken sliders, sushi rolls and yucca fries.  Happy Hour is 4-7pm weekdays. I sampled last night with fab, newly engaged South Africans and Zengo received an international thumbs up.


Zengo Happy Hour Hibiscus Mojito

BOA, situated across the street from Palisades Park at 101 Santa Monica Blvd. offers multiple savory items, highlighted by fresh ahi tuna tacos, sliders, chicken wings, shrimp cocktail and $5 beers and $7 wines. Monday-Friday 5-7. Enhance the Happy Hour bliss by sitting at the bar with April on Friday nights.  

The Misfit at 225 Santa Monica Blvd. has Happy Hour from noon-7 beer, wine, well drinks, sangrias, signature cocktails and mimosas are all $5. Sit outside and have a view of the homeless snoozing on the sidewalk, tourists in bikinis, shorts and fanny packs, models and out of work actors exiting Equinox and the occasional fully clothed, employed Santa Monica resident.

I have focused on Santa Monica because what is better than a reduced price alcoholic beverage after a hard day at work, surrounded by ocean breezes and moderate temperatures…but drive a few miles from the beach and sample Happy Hour at Bar Bouchon in Beverly Hills 4-7 Monday through Friday, 235 North Camden Drive. Thomas Keller’s restaurants offers $4 beers, $4 house wine, small plates at $2-7 and enticing outdoor seating…a bargain in Beverly Hills is rare…plastic surgery viewing also available at no additional charge.

Early evening never looked so good…cheers!

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