Middle Digit…


Do people every emotionally graduate past the bully, cut people off at the knees, middle school mentally?!

Give me a moment to climb up on my pulpit.

Pardon if I get a bit preachy, but here’s my Daily Affirmation.

I am a good person.

I pass it forward, I am considerate of the environment, I rescue puppies, I pick up other people’s garbage in parks and on the streets, I turn the water off when brushing my teeth, I donate to worthy causes, I recycle, I have spent years volunteering, I am a stellar wife, mom, daughter and dog owner.

I could go on, but why bore you.


Can you relate? Do you feel under appreciated at times…more than willing to help out a friend, but rarely thanked or have the efforts reciprocated?

I’m sounding like an Infomerical.

With the advent and ease of email, why don’t people literally spend 10 seconds out of their busy day to say thank you or ask how you are doing?

I am not someone who asks anyone for anything because I know how much it sucks to be on the receiving end…constantly.

But, I must confess, I have just about had it with people’s pervasive “it’s all about me” attitude.

And, if I push back and I dare say, with the confidence and conviction of a man, the recipients turn sexist, deflecting from the issues, some spouting verbiage they would never say to a man…channel Donald Trump.

Women just hold a grudge until they die or blackball you.

Additionally, I am amazed what a short leash people give you if they feel you have been too honest or confrontational.

I have no more patience for this behavior.

I am a true blue, compassionate professional and  friend.

Please, just walk away if you do not like me, but don’t take my friendship, money or part of me if you need to be a hurtful, intolerant, self-centered asshole.

Have a lovely day and be kind to each other.


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  1. amen to that… I appreciate you always!!!!!

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