Menopausal Musings…

Fun times…please join me in examining menopause more closely. Take a deep breath, grab a towel and if you aren’t there yet, listen and learn. Like taxes and death, menopause is unavoidable.
I tried the patch, but I suffer from migraines and as if there was an alarm built into the patch, every day at 4pm I would collapse in pain as a migraine would invade my body…next. Bioidentical has too many drawbacks and also increased my migraine occurrences.
I have been seeing a highly informed, compassionate, calm and thorough female gynecologist in Santa Monica, CA, Dr. Nadini Verma. She now specializes in mature women’s (that cannot be me!) health issues. She has had me on natural compounding creams that are specially designed for my body. My estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels have all gone up, but I can’t stop sweating…I am sure you have gathered that by now. I have tried Black Cohosh, but nothing improved and my moods got blacker! My testosterone levels may now be high enough to allow me to try out for that coveted tight end position with the NY Giants. They need me now that Martellus Bennett has signed with the Chicago Bears and Jake Ballard was stolen off the waiver list by former Giants defensive coach and Patriots head coach, Bill Belichick.
You feel as if you are continually pre and post menstrual. Glenn Frey’s hit (Eagles fame) ”The Heat Is On” is playing in my mind on a continuous loop. Your emotions are like a roller coaster ride and at times, you just want to jump off because this ride is not amusing. Sleep doesn’t come easily. Try melatonin. It’s natural and is effective most of the time. You do see body changes. Deep V-necks are starting to be a no no…I can’t believe you wrinkle on your chest. Is there no mercy?! Losing weight becomes a major hurdle (as if it always wasn’t hard enough!)
Exercise, diet and drinking tons of water have saved my sanity. If you have a husband or partner, spell it out or else he will think you are just an insane bitch. Wearing a t-shirt outdoors in NYC in 35 degree weather is refreshing. In Santa Monica, even when it is in the 60’s, I sleep with the AC blasting.
Thought for the day…why is everything that is physically heinous in a women’s life, start with the prefix men…menstruation, menopause, mental, meningitis, menage a trois (for some)!
Let’s stop sweating the physical issues and have a refreshing beverage.
Here’s a recipe to start off your day and compensate for the big M…

Mango Morning Magic Smoothie
1    very ripe mango (frozen mango is a perfect substitute if you do not have access to the real thing)
2    tablespoons non-fat Greek yogurt or small container of non-fat mango yogurt from Trader Joe’s
¼   cup frozen diced mango (Trader Joe’s has fab frozen)
1 ½ cup Almond milk
½    cup fresh orange juice
Add almond milk in electric blender and then the OJ. Duh, add the liquids first because you follow the measurements on the blender jar. Blend milk, OJ, mango or other fruits,and yogurt on high and pulse at the end to make sure the frozen mango is fully smashed.
You can add or substitute blueberries, strawberries, peaches. You can use bananas as an added ingredient, but is tastier mixed with other fresh or frozen fruits. This makes 4, 8 oz. servings.
Note: to peel a fresh mango just make a small cut in the mango skin and peel off. It should peel easily if ripe. Be careful cutting mango flesh close to the large pit. If it does not cut easily, let it be. I often hold the pit over the blender jar and squeeze to maximize the mango juice.

mango smoothies


  1. is crazy good!

  2. is crazy good!

  3. LOVe, Love your website. You are incredibly open, connected and passionate about who you are and who you are not. And to top it off YOU HAVE HUMOR!!! Good for you!!

    I would like to offer one grain of thought, “Try Homeopathy”. Like everything, I pray that if and when you do, the universe sends you the Right Homeopath!!! The art is only as good as the artist!!!

    444, Dr C

  4. Love your postings as I havent had a period in almost 3 years, but get the moods, sleep issues, anxiety etc etc. Was considering Bio identical hormone replacement but got to thinking what happens when you stop taking them? Do all your symptoms come back? Im going for a consult on menopause w a woman gyn on the 20th. Dont know what I will decide to do, but at least I am trying to find some relief other than staying home all the time

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