Melon Madness…

Summertime and the cooking is easy.

All my favorite fruits are headlining this time of year.

I made my bimonthly schlep to Trader Joe’s decked out in the latest design by Pande’ who is whipping up fabulous mask and rubber glove designs to meet the summer demands for a combination of fashion forward accessories and Covid protection.

I found me a ripe watermelon that mimicked my 6th month of pregnancy.

All you have to do is knock three times and if it resonates with a hollow sound you have selected a healthy, sweet melon.

I picked up some feta cheese, fresh mint, several ears of corn and I am ready to rock my favorite summer salad.

Carve up that watermelon into bite size chunks. Fill a soup bowl 3/4 way with watermelon for each individual serving.

Most feta cheese comes crumbled. I over crumble about 3/4 cup for two servings.

For a truly rich and delicious feta garnish I suggest purchasing a block of feta from the cheese section.

The pre-crumbled feta is just not as rich and creamy, but, fear not, it is convenient and still maintains that feta flavor quality.

Best to leave the feta on the counter for one hour before as it is tastier served at room temperature.

Cut or tear up 2 tablespoons of fresh mint.

I also add diced Persian cucumbers.

I love to enhance the watermelon and feta salad with fresh corn.

The corn can be tossed in raw, fresh off the cob or lightly sautéed with a teaspoon of EVOO.

The salad is good enough to eat without dressing or add a tablespoon of EVOO and equal parts Balsamic Vinegar.

For a more enhanced citrus flavor add 1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lime juice.

Fresh ground pepper to taste.

Watermelon salad is such a delicious, refreshing treat and easy to prepare.


A parting thought…a treasured and valued Devil worshipper made a fun suggestion.

Commenting on the fact that my blog content has shifted since I am unable to include restaurant experiences, theater or in person retail therapy, she has suggested an interesting blog post called, “Watcha”…watcha watching, watcha cooking, watcha buying online.

If you are so motivated send your recipes, TV viewing suggestions or watcha doing to fill your pandemic days to me…talk amongst yourselves and thanks Kathy💜

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