Me, Myself and I…

It’s all about me.

Took me to the salon to have single process done so that I can continue to deceive myself regarding the fact that I do not have a single grey hair…I believe it, especially after I spent over $100 for the deception.

I tire of the daily meal decisions…cook, takeout or dine out.

So, after the salon I took myself out to lunch at SUGARFISH’s brand new, one and only original hand roll bar, KazuNori.

No wait.


I sat myself down on a tiny stool and ordered from the limited menu.

4 delish hand rolls off the set menu ($16) with truly the freshest, crispiest seaweed with warm rice and an array of fresh fish, featuring snapper, toro, crab,  and yellowtail.

I didn’t have to entertain anyone with witty repartee so I ate, paid and left.

Rockefeller Center

The day was gorgeous so I walked the 4 miles home, alone.


Naturally, I strolled Fifth Avenue and did some window shopping to distract myself from the fact that there were still 3 1/2 miles to go.

A drive by at Zara’s is a given, especially since their apparel is stellar this season.

I admired the shoutout to Las Vegas in the store, but slogans and as the moron president inarticulately stated, “warmest condolences” are meaningless.

We need gun control laws and only Congress can alleviate the country’s pain through coming together and passing effective gun control laws.

I took the underdressed me into the hallowed halls of Bergdorf Goodman…the uppity designer handbag pushers did not acknowledge me because of my obvious lack of labels.

As Julia Roberts character, Vivian Ward, said to the Beverly Hills’ Boulmiche staff in Pretty Woman, “Big mistake, Big. Huge.”

Screw them and their incorrect, judgmental ways.

I served notice in another more compassionate department.

I then took me home and watched a Housewives show because I sometimes enjoy the incorrigible escapism.

My husband was not in residence.

He would rather have a cavity drilled without novocaine then ever hear the housewives complaining voices emanating throughout the house…I must admit he does have a valid point.

To finish a self-indulgent day, I watched the NY Yankees defeat the Minnesota Twins in dramatic fashion in the American League Wild Card game.

Thankfully, it was not one and done.

I did sacrifice for the team.

I was in attendance at Yankee Stadium for the last two playoff games and the Yankees lost so I made a conscious decision not to go as my sports karma sucks of late (NY Giants are 0-4 this season).

Victory is so sweet.

Pure joy for me, myself and I.


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