Marvelous Maman…NYC Restaurant Review


I am enjoying having Maman in the neighborhood.

In fact, Maman is popping up all over New York City.

The rustic interior is very attractive and a lovely place for breakfast and lunch.

Rising early, I took Finnley on a long walk and ended up at Maman, indulging in a delicious Smashed Avocado Tartine.

The presentation is appealing. The tartine is served on a wooden board with sea salt, crushed red pepper flakes, lime wedge and pumpkin seeds, attractively arranged next to the avocado mash generously spread on toasted country bread loaded with chopped tomatoes and onions ($13.50).

I have enjoyed freshly baked croissants ($4.00), almond croissants ($4.50), a wide array of cookies ($4.00) as well as delectable fresh salads ($15-16) and sandwiches ($14-15).

Even a huge mug of freshly brewed coffee is tasty ($3.50).

Married Maman founders Benjamin Sormonte and Elisa Marshall have brought to life a melding of their earliest childhood experiences in the kitchen and a nod to their mothers from the south of france and North America, respectively.

Maman, after all, means “mother” in french.

Maybe it’s the attention to detail and the fact that Maman is not just another run of the mill coffee shop that makes Maman enticing.

What started as an independent Soho café and bakery is now a leading lifestyle brand that boasts cafés across the country.

Manhattan can be expensive for a simple, nourishing breakfast and lunch.

Try Maman.

You can count on a warm, pleasing environment and fresh, tasty food offerings.

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  1. I’ll join you for breakfast whenever I get back to NYC.

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