Manipulation is the skillful handling, controlling or using of something or someone.

If your friend or partner calls you manipulative that is grounds for a heated discussion or break up.

If you manipulate the truth you are basically a liar.

If coworkers label you manipulative at work, roll up your sleeves and anticipate conflict.

The only redeeming and righteous form of manipulation is by a chiropractor.

I had an appointment with Dr, Eric Anderson yesterday and I was craving manipulation.

I have had eight migraines in the last 12 days. I do believe that a small black and white puppy has manipulated my body on our walks and turned me into a knocked pretzel which in turn triggers my migraines.

What we do for love. I have definitely sacrificed my body for our newest family member.

I have been manipulated into falling in love with a lovely young thing even though it is detrimental to my health.

The only manipulation I am up for is the skillful handling by Dr. Anderson.


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  1. I have three cats that have trained me very well.
    Talk about being manipulated by your sweet four legged.

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