Manhattan Beach Magic…

A foggy Saturday provided clarity.

Los Angeles is dominated by gorgeous weather.

When the weekend dawns foggy, chilly and grey I start to dig for things to do.

No theater during the day time plus many plays/musicals are touring companies of Broadway shows I have already seen in New York.

I am still not ready for movie theaters plus I have seen everything I wanted to see streaming on TV.

I hike all the time, shopping is not relevant so that leaves me with exploring neighborhoods and sampling new restaurants.

I hit up the Peloton while my husband went to a Krav Maga class and we regrouped at home around 11am.

I proposed an ocean drive to Manhattan Beach, a beach walk and lunch outside at Fishing For Dynamite.

Off we go.

The traditional homes lined along the Manhattan Beach boardwalk have been sold for huge profits, torn down and transitioned into palatial retreats with $6 million price tags.

After a vigorous boardwalk stroll we headed up the hill to Fishing For Dynamite, enjoying a fabulous lunch, enriched by wine and an incredible dessert.

We browsed downtown Manhattan Beach and headed home to indulge in a spa mani/pedi.

Just changing zip codes, especially journeying to a town that is a resort destination, gives you the sense that you experienced a mini staycation.

It ain’t Manhattan, but beach joy and new exploration on a cloudy Saturday in Manhattan Beach ain’t bad.

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