Make Him Go Away…


I continually wake up in the middle of the night.

During daylight hours I am experiencing an underlining feeling of anxiety and fear.

I am suffering from an overdose of Agent Orange.

Part of me cannot wait until November 8th comes and goes.

The other part is hoping the day of reckoning never dawns.

I am freaked out that HE could win.

Are there enough uneducated white wackos that could put him over the top?

I have met so many people who feel as I do.

I know dozens of people who have gone for therapy because the past year has been so stressful.

Look around the world.

The worst has happened.

Putin is in complete control in Russia, the anarchist Pirate Party in Iceland made big gains in Sunday’s national elections, raising the prospect it will form a coalition government with other left-wing parties.

France has a socialist government and it could become more extreme if Marine Le Pen wins.

#Breixit is a sad reality.

Assad cannot be eliminated.

President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philppines has gone rogue.

Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un is insane.

The same outcome in America is a frightening reality.

Retreating won’t help.

 November 8th terrifies me.

Please peeps, Be With Her and let’s keep America great.

If that misogynist becomes dictator we all need to emigrate.



  1. But—-emigrate to where!!!!!!?????????

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