Magical Montee…Paris Restaurant Review

Ahhh, the pressure of making a reservation anywhere in the world.

I had read about a tiny Parisienne restaurant that sounded fabulous serving a hybrid of French and Japanese cuisine.

You can only start the reservation mambo 40 days before the desired date.

I bookmarked the 40 and then realized the only day that synced up was our arrival day in Paris.

Being a frequent flyer I was running the risk of a delayed flight and having to fork out $100 no show fee.

I decided to risk it as I wrote to Restaurant Montee and they compromised on a 10:30am day of deadline.

Obviously, we made it and the experience was wonderful.

The modest restaurant is comprised of 5 tables and one server. The chef created magic in a very modest kitchen.

Amuse Bouche and wine from Languedoc (8Euro).

The 6 course $60 lunch was superb. We opted for the innovative pescatarian menu.

Tomato Parmesan
Leek Hazelnut
Cod Almond
Red Mullet, Olive, Zucchini
Beet, Porcini, Black Sesame
Pear, Chestnut, Brown Sugar
Caramel Popcirn

The cuisine was outstanding and beautifully presented.

Chef Takayuki Nameura visited with each patron.

Restaurant Montee is a deeply creative, fresh and satisfyingly delectable experience.

Montee 9 Rue Leopold Robert Paris, France. Open Tuesday-Saturday.

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