LumLum Is YumYum…NYC Restaurant Review

Dining in the theater district before a Broadway show is challenging.

There are dozens and dozens of mediocre Italian restaurants, questionable sushi bars and expensive steakhouses.

Last week I did a deep dive and it wasn’t pretty.

Time, availability and desirability were not on my side.

I had read about a new seafood centric Thai restaurant that took over the location of the no frills, reasonably priced, Pam Real Thai that debuted in 2001 and closed during the pandemic.

LumLum in Hell’s Kitchen does not take reservations so beating the lines is important since our show started at 8pm.

We arrived just before 6pm and breezed in.

The LumLum redo is effective after the shabbiness of Pam. The restaurant resembles your first apartment after graduating college with decor by World Market.

LumLum (slang for “delicious”) did transform the compact, two-room space on West 49th Street to  tropical, with bamboo walls, basket lampshades, potted jungle plants and antique advertising placards.

Our waiter hated us and every other customer, but I did end up making him laugh. He was short with recommendations, quick with the check and gifted at rapidly sweeping the dishes off of the table.

My husband was in the mood for a cocktail and selected the refreshing Krabi Forest with gin, Thai basil, cucumber and lemon ($15). I passed because I did not want to snooze during the play.

We started with a tasty Muk Ka Dong Yang aka grilled cuttlefish served with spicy chili lime dressing ($12).

The Grapefruit Salad (Yum Som) was sprinkled with   dry shrimp, shallot, bird’s eye chili and sweet fish sauce which was delicious and perfectly chilled ($11).

The surprise was the Hai Jeaw Poo, Thai style crispy crab omelette which was prepared perfectly accompanied by a delightfully sweet dipping sauce and a spicy one that I avoided ($24).

The Pad Thai which is thin rice noodles with egg, chive, dry shrimp, beansprouts and crushed peanuts was presented in a unique manner and had a sweetness to it. The mixed seafood choice was excellent ($20).

The Shrimp Curry Goong Karee consisting of sauteed shrimps with egg and curry powder, onion, scallion and chili jam was fabulous and I successfully avoided the chili ($22).

Dessert was a warm Coconut Pudding that was so satisfying ($12).

When we skedaddled at 7:15pm the line was down the block.

LumLum is definitely YumYum.

LumLum 404 49th Street New York City. Open Monday-Thursday 12-4pm and 5-10pm, Friday and Saturday 12–11pm, Sunday12–10pm. No reservations.

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