Lovin’ Luigi…

We all possess quirky little prejudices.

When dining in Los Angeles, I usually steer clear of the Venice Boardwalk area…too many tourists and irate homeless people.

When my husband mentioned one of his Krap Magoo (Krav Maga) buds owned a restaurant in Venice that he wanted to try, I was apprehensive.

I succumbed even though it was a Saturday night and the beach traffic was horrendous.

We arrived and the owner of Osteria Venice West greeted us with a delightful bubbly.

We settled into a lovely outside table with an ocean view.

The atmosphere transported us into a vacation state of mind.

Ah Luigi, you charming and accomplished chef, you made all my trepidations instantaneously melt away.

Our server was next with an embracing welcome.

Alize is a Roman firecracker who is a total asset to the restaurant.

After conversing with Luigi we decided to transfer all dining responsibilities to the Puglian professional.

Our table quickly overflowed with tantalizing treats.

I had commented on the foie gras on the menu.

Luigi sent over an individual serving as David does not eat meat or poultry.

Pan Seared Foie Gras

The pan seared foie gras was tender and delicious with hints of fruit. The foie was delicately perched on a scrumptious homemade grilled brioche (Full portion $32).

Spanish Octopus Salad

David lustfully dove into a wonderful Spanish grilled octopus salad with Kalamata olives, crispy celery, arugula and potato ($18).


A divine serving of Prince Edward Island mussels in a savory broth was sensational, accompanied by delectable homemade ciabatta bread ($23).

All these delicacies went down easily with a full bodied and very affordable Italian red, Nero D’Avola Colosi from Sicily ($46).

The Fisherman

We opted for one more course…The Fisherman arrived, a terrific seafood pasta with homemade cavetelli, that was perfectly prepared with succulent sweet shrimp along with tasty mixed seafood in a marinated tomato jus ($22).

Chocolate Mousse

The desserts were dreamy…chocolate mousse topped with chunks of incredible chocolate and a rich, smooth tiramisu ($9).


Luigi Fineo is a talented, award winning chef who worked for two years at the French Laundry and continued with the Thomas Keller group at Bouchon in Beverly Hills.

Prior to the Thomas Keller experience, Luigi’s propensity for perfection paid off when he was bestowed with a prestigious Michelin Star award while serving as Executive Chef at La Botte Ristorante in Santa Monica.

Luigi earned the restaurant’s first-ever Michelin Star for two consecutive years making him the youngest chef in the country to earn the honor.

Osteria Venice West Kitchen

The kitchen at Osteria Venice West is small, but efficient, turning out authentic Apulian dishes.

The building used to be home to the Venice West Cafe, thus the moniker.

The space, popular among Beatniks, inspired a counterculture that swept the streets of Venice, forever changing the neighborhood’s colorful background.

Osteria Venice West

Seriously, you must get your butt to Venice and sample reasonably priced, delicious food in a friendly, casual setting.

This summer, Luigi will be opening up, Luigi al Teatro, a fine dining restaurant on Rose Avenue in Venice.

Undeniably, Luigi is a hard working, talented, delightful man.

Do not miss out on a wonderful evening at Osteria Venice West…the name may not roll off your tongue, but your tastebuds will thank you for the opportunity.

Osteria Venice West 5 Dudley Avenue Venice, California. Open for Dinner Monday-Thursday and Sunday 5-10pm, Friday and Saturday 5-11pm. Lunch Saturday and Sunday 12-4pm. Public Parking at the end of Rose Avenue $5. Reservations on OpenTable.com. A $49 4-course Tasting Menu is also offered.



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